“A Listing I’d Like to See for a TV Documentary We Should Want to See”
By Bruce Trachtenberg, The Communications Network Blog, March 31st, 2009
Trachtenberg dreams of a film about philanthropy as a force for good.

“A Little Goes a Long Way”
By Michael Hoffman, CEO of See3 Media, GFEM, January 2009
Explores the new world of online video impact.

“Funder as Supplicant”
By John Killacky, SF360, January 2009
Killacky’s reflection on being both a media funder and an applicant.

“Media + Philanthropy = Impact! (COF 2008)”
A podcast discussion between Jenni Wolfson of the human rights media organization, WITNESS and Diana Barrett of the Fledgling Fund on how to move the public and policymakers to action—and measure the impact of media projects.

“Philanthropy’s Moving Vision Looking at the past, present and future”
By Pat Aufderheide, curator, 2002 Film & Video Festival Director, Center for Social Media, American University and David Haas, GFEM Steering Committee
Based on examples from the festival’s 36 years, explore 10 reasons why foundations fund media – to carry out program goals or deepen understanding of issues.

“Progressive Planning and Organizing: Filmmaker Organizer Partnerships”
By Alison Lirish Dean
Progressive Planning, Summer 2008
Click here to download the PDF

“Transmedia Activism: Telling Your Story Across Media Platforms to Create Effective Social Change”
By Lina Srivastava, March 2009

Film & Video Budgets, Revised and Updated Edition
Deke Simon, Michael Wiese
Long considered an essential resource for the serious independent filmmaker.

The Independent Film Producer’s Survival Guide: A Business and Legal Sourcebook
Gunnar Erickson, Mark Halloran, Harris Tulchin
2002, 2005
A step by step guide to the business and legal issues involved in producing an independent film.

Shaking the Money Tree:
How To Get Grants and Donations for Film and Video, 2nd Edition
Morrie Warshawski.
Dazed and confused by the frustrating world of grants and donations? This classic text, now completely revised, demystifies the entire maze of grant hustling with easy-to-follow guidelines.

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